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Georgia real estate disclosure laws in 2017

Q: Hi, I hope you're well. Just how can a buyer get from a contract that is signed? Diligence and Home inspection.

Tomorrow, we are supposed to close and that I think the buyers are having buyers remorse. We now have a contract that is signed, and passed home inspection. There are repairs that should be finished (one left - adding a gutter) which will be don tomorrow. They now are asking for 1500 dollars in closing prices at the very last minute, can they move out of this contract?
Lawyer Reply Robert Jason De Groot

A: Folks think that whatever question they may ask is a basic legal question, when, as here, they haven't supplied a duplicate of the contract, or enough facts to get a meaningful response, and they frequently ask the erroneous questions. Get an attorney immediately.

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Q: I am my mom's poa. She's dementia and owns two houses whom I think I have to transfer the title to my name. how?

She's a will that leaves everything to me but do before she dies, I need certainly to transfer the titles to me?
Lawyer Answer Michael David Birchmore

A: Tend not to use a quitclaim deed to get this done. Take the present title to a lawyer and ask them to draw up a guarantee dee with rights of survivorship. Don't fool around with this. It can cost you a lot of cash to get it straightened out, in the event that you botch it by carrying it out yourself. You are able to generally get a title done for between $75 and $150.

Q&A about Texas land law

Q: We reconstructed a barbed wire fence and moved it a few feet because the neighbor did not want to lose the trees.

Several years ago we needed to rebuild a barbed wire fence on a 129.5 acre property in Texas. We agreed to split the cost with all the neighbor. We were willing to knock the post oak trees that had grown right up in the fence line down, but the neighbor wanted to save the trees and offered to transfer the fence a few feet onto his property. Now we're attempting to sell the land. Likely it's going to have to be surveyed. Do get the legal description of the land restated and we must compensate the neighbor for the value of his property? How should this be divulged to possible buyers? The property can be found in Coleman County, TX,.
Lawyer Answer Ben F Meek III

A: You may sell the acreage together with the fence over onto the neighbor's land and divulge that fact conspicuously in your sale docs. But that raises the issue for the buyer of having his fence on his new neighbor's land and issue to his neighbor's good will about letting it remain there. (However, if the purchaser is prepared to take the home under that state, you can sell it that way). You're on target by means of your notion of buying that strip from your neighbor, if the price is right. Then possess the surveyor upgrade the metes and bounds in your legal description and establish the new boundary. Should you can't get the strip at a decent price, you may have to transfer back your fence onto your property. Use an experienced real-estate lawyer (and a good surveyor). Best of luck to you personally.

Q: I find the house is not in sellers name or our name out after closing on manufactured home& property. It is in probate

It had been sellers dead uncles house. Also determine the realtor told us it was a 2010 version, when in fact it's a 1998. Realtor had house & 3 acres listed in paper, but is about the title when only house shut, found. What can we do?
Attorney Reply Ben F Meek III

A: Seems like fraud. Get an attorney. Contact an experienced property litigator in your area. Many offer free initial consultations.


Pennsylvania real property law Q&A

Q: My stepson's Mother died. No Will. A decrepit property is in her name. Is he legally responsible for this place ?

He is her only survivor. There is a 20,000.00 mortgage on the place and it's not worth more than a few thousand.
Lawyer Answer Dr Kenneth V Zichi J.D.

A: Your son MAY inherit the property and if he does, he would be required to pay off the mortgage (or renegotiate it). If the property is so far 'underwater' that it makes no sense to try to save it, then the best option is to do nothing. By doing nothing, your son will not become responsible for the debt or any other debts of his mother before she passed. You can't be forced to pay someone else's bills unless you've agreed to 'guarantee' them or co-signed etc. Short answer, if he doesn't want the house, he's not responsible for the debt. He also isn't REQUIRED to begin probate -- her creditors can do that if necessary. Questions? Seek local legal help from an attorney who practices in probate. He may advise starting probate, NOT starting probate, or some third option.

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Q: I reside in a house made of two apartments the complete home is infested with bedbugs what should I do?

I've an apartment in Ny, and Ive had bed bugs for the past 1.5 years due to the bottom apartment in my building having them. My landlord has had someone who's merely a local bug man come out 3 times and didnt fix the trouble. Ive told her many times over the phone and in person. She just asks me for my rent and that I keep paying because Im frightened she'll kick me out. What can I do? Ive needed to block my whole flat of and live simply in my living-room and sleep on the ground.
Lawyer Replies Ali Ebrahimzadeh, Esq.

A: Observe: Additional information are crucial to provide an expert evaluation of your issue. The best first step is an Initial Consultation with the Attorney. It's possible for you to read more about me, my credentials, awards, honors, testimonials, and media appearances/ publications on my law practice site. I practice law in these areas of law in CA, NY, MA, and DC: Contracts & Company, Criminal Defense, Divorce & Child Custody, and Education Law. This answer does not constitute legal advice; make warranties, guarantees, or any forecasts; or create any Attorney-Client relationship